I'm new to runescape

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Hey, I recently started playing this, and I really like the game but I noticed the overall structure is covered in useless features.
I'm thinking they're there because of previous updates but still...
I have some questions...

Why can I teleport everywhere? The game clearly has transportation and hours of work put into it, so what's up with that? (boats seem useless after I get the teleport and so on)

Why does the second slayer dude sent me to a cave to kill monsters that are not my level without warning me I can't kill them yet.

Also when I arrived at the place I needed a rope.
Why is it so damn hard to find something as simple as that?
Continuing... When I did my research and got the rope I got down there and I needed a light source.
I learned that lamps are confusing enough to go do something else. And I had to go steal a candle from the first floor of the guy that sells swords in Varrock. (what?)

Is this insane game design? Am I missing something? Do devs forget to clean up updates?

I know its a very old game, but I like it and I want to get into it, but as I play, more questions appear...

11-May-2019 01:28:42

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Stealing a line from "The Hitchhiker's Guild to the Galaxy", I'd say Runescape gives the appearance of having been "congealed rather than constructed". It's delightfully filled with a wide variety of things obsolete, obscure, and odd. However, that's all just a part of the game's overall charm. Have fun exploring! Never uses treasure hunter keys. Never buys runepass, runecoins or bonds. Never pays extra for 'Premier' status. Never will.

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Thanks for replying.

I love exploring and doing my own thing, but sometimes I wish I didn't have to learn about a feature that players don't use anymore...

Just opened this thread because I really thought I was missing something you know...
Thanks again, I'll be back to my adventuring :)

11-May-2019 02:01:19

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Teleportation is for conveniences, once you've trekked your way to the location, the reward is that you don't have to do the same trek again if you don't want to.

Which slayer master assigned you, and what creature?

Rope easily bought from Ardy shop.

Candle easily bought from Catherby shop.

Yes, you are missing something, there's a fantastic website called runescape wiki (not fandom), its got all basic knowledge you need to know.
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11-May-2019 02:21:40

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I didn't know you could get a candle in Varrock either. I get them free from a table North of Yanille. Ropes I usually get from the Outlaws East of Edgeville across the river by killing them.

Boats were there long before some of the Teleports, so they used to be a lot more useful than they are now. As the game gets updated, some of the older things become obsolete but are left in game, and can be useful under certain circumstances, such as when you are not allowed to teleport with something.

11-May-2019 19:56:41

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If you need help or find yourself stuck on something, feel free to PM me.

I enjoy this game greatly and dont mind helping new pple. My knowledge
is free unless you ask for help on a monday then its 100 mil gp for correct

Regardless have fun, dont feel like you need to learn it all in a day.
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11-May-2019 21:01:26

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