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Original post minus the player's display name:

SmartieMarte said:
sorry if this isn't the correct place to post i just wanted to know if i could submit a ticket on the osrs website about the incident i had with a pmod recently in game (edited)

was being called a "dumba**" aswel as other things and the pmod was promoting others around to swear at me and abuse me then proceeded to threaten me saying i can get banned for false reporting
also trying to argue that it was coincided banter and swearing at others(me) and in game isn't a offence
i also found another pmod who i asked if that were the case he then told me that was wrong and a pmod should never say that to another player asked me if i reported it in game (i did) but was unable to help me with finding ticket submission

thank you for the help

Hi SmartieMarte and welcome to the forums. :)

It sounds like the other PMod you found within the game gave you the best advice - to report the PMod's conduct ingame. PMods are not above the rules or the report system, so reporting a PMod if you happen to stumble across them acting in an unmodly way is the best way to alert Jagex to their behavior. If you happen to stumble across this player again and they are still acting in an unmodly way, do not hesitate to send additional reports of that conduct via the ingame system.

There's no need to submit a ticket regarding their behavior - the report you've sent ingame is plenty for them to take a look into things.

The title of this thread (along with the opening post, as quoted above) have been edited to remove the name of the PMod - the forums do not permit the naming & discussion of players in a negative light. Additionally, PMods may not be identified by name on the forums as there is no way from the forums to confirm whether a player is a PMod or not.

All the best.

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