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Geordie Will
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Geordie Will

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Good Evening,

I'm currently completing a family crest following a guide on the internet, but I seem to be getting stuck on this one part and it just makes no sense.

My inventory looks like this below:

I have all of the items and levels currently needed however when I press to make either of the ring or necklace nothing happens, no interaction seems to happen at all. I've searched everywhere and i'm just stuck at this point. It feels like it's bugged but I don't know. Anyone know how to help?

Kind regards,

02-Jun-2019 17:37:41

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi there.

Did you speak to Boot about the perfect gold? Are the gold bars in your inventory 'perfect' gold bars? What does your quest journal say you should be doing? You may have missed a step.

Use the perfect gold bar on the furnace, then click the usual ruby ring and and ruby necklace options in the furnace interface.
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02-Jun-2019 18:14:35

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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This seems to be for Old School. In addition you already have a thread in Old School General. Have a look at the reply left in that thread, or the one Asahel Frost provided, I'm sure it's valid for both OSRS and RS3.

Try to keep your topic to only one thread instead of 5. Closing this as a duplicate.
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