Slilling pet drops very dry

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Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help? I've just achieved 120 dung and no pet still? in fact I've not had a skilling pet drop for months now and just wondered if I've accidentally turned them off somehow? I don't know if this is even possible but just wanted to check, it's been around 8 months ish since my last pet and I play daily doing mainly skills, thanks for any help/advice in advance!

29-Mar-2019 10:14:14

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In the dungeoneering pet's case, do you do sinkholes/dg daily challenge regularly? If so, both of them can drastically increase your exp in the skill, whilst not having a chance to give the pet. And bonus exp doesn't count either, so the question is: how much of your 120 dungeoneering exp is pure, base exp? Because that's what ultimately matters, and if it's a relatively low amount, then it's no surprise if you haven't got the pet.

For the "8 months of playing daily mainly doing skills":

1. How much exp have you actually gained and in what skills, and roughly how much of it is base exp?
2. How much do you usually play per day? It can be easy enough for many to play 30-60 minutes every day, but you can still go pretty dry even if you play e.g. 6-8 hours every day.

Exp matters a lot more than play time, and the amount of base exp you've earned that actually gives a pet chance matters a lot more than just reaching a certain level without having gotten the pet.
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29-Mar-2019 12:09:32

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x-Azka-x said:
Draco Burnz :( just bad luck then, so you can't turn them off then? Thought I'd messed something up somewhere lol thanks for the reply :)

No, you can't turn them off.

I too have gone months without a pet, then have received a number of them in the space of a few days. It's all just RNG.


29-Mar-2019 15:48:07

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I got three or four fairly quickly when they were first released, no sign of any since though.
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29-Mar-2019 16:21:30

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I got my DG pet just at 198 mil xp.

I think it is normal to get the DG pet drop late because DG is a skill with very high xp/hr. Literally, players get to 120 DG much faster than other skills, thus apparently most players "appear" to get other pets faster but in deed they may have to spend more time on getting the other skill pets.

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