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Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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Invention post for dummies 101:

Batch 1:

Invention is item sink.

Item sink good for economy. I like.

In return it gives good perks. I like.

I like invention 1 - 99

But invention 99 - 120, nothing.

I find invention beyond 99 boring.

I don’t like invention 99 - 120

Batch 2:

Invention now has lots of content from 1 - 99. I like!

Invention now has lots of content from 99 - 120. I like!

Machines also makes things afk. I like!

Invention also reworked.

Rework got skilling!!! I like!

Skilling for 1 - 120. I like!

I still like invention 1- 99.

I now like invention 99 to 120!


Waited 3 years for batch 2 after batch 1.

3 years too long.

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21-Feb-2019 15:15:43

Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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Back to a more civilized and mature post suitable for adults:

Do you comprehend my argument why invention wasn’t perfect upon release and how it, like summoning would be if it follows the same paradigm, would be a dilemma if the update gets released in two separate batches that are eons apart?
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21-Feb-2019 15:19:24

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I think slayer was a fairly decent template for how to do 120s - in contrary to the initial release of invention and dungeoneering even 9 years later (the last relevant unlock is at level 80 - everything past that are an improved rate to gain xp/currency, cosmetics and resource dungeons (which might have a nice touch, but certainly shouldn't be the main reward). It may not be perfect, but it was more reasonable than those two other skills at that point.

The slayer extension managed to fill up some empty levels (i.e. a level which doesn't unlock anything and would be useless besides displaying an higher number - speak: something a virtual level would be sufficient for) even below 99, while roughly making use of some levels past that point.

For extension a skill should only have few to none empty levels, which would disqualify most existing skills outright. I guess the easiest solution would be declutter certain level clusters with tons of unlocks by slighly lowering (only lowering, players shouldn't ever lose access to a skill feature they once had) a few of them, introducing sub-99 features and having at least a decent coverage (at least 50 %) at the new levels.

That said it might help to focus on something else but features for novice or grand master players - the cheesecakes weren't that bad as an idea for instance.
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Dr Esa
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Dr Esa

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Stupid post as both updates are boring and useless. More and different methods just means that after learning all the clicking patterns you'll be complaining for more ways to train the skill. By the time Jagex reworks all the skills they're just going to start all over again on the first skill they reworked several years from now. How many different ways can you chop down a tree? Why would new players want to skill in a game for several hours straight? M&S update had the least reaction to what was considered a highly demanded update. Clearly, none of you guys really cared about it - and Jagex knew that too when they first started which is why they tried to get out of it several times.

More updates that induce player interaction is needed. F2p players have more fun than p2p and that says a lot.

27-Feb-2019 04:44:09

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