This DXP will be Madness

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Any and all prestige is self-proclaimed and therefor the problem you see before you come from within you, not from others. The game does not tell you you are objectively better than others for having a higher exp counter on your skills, you do this in your mind. Raising the bar ever higher, setting goals and attaching great value to achieving them. Our minds are 'wired' to do this, to get that carrot on the stick and the longer the stick is, the better it becomes to reach it and the more we will want to not just repeat it, but surpass it.

You call us naive, Blackwing, but I think it is you who is stuck inside a bubble. One showing you only what you think is true, because you are convincing yourself of it through your jealousy, envy, greed, whatever you wish to call it. Kudos for admitting to feel it though.

These things, jealousy, envy, greed, they all have their place and are important tools, but it builds character to show humility at times, to simply congratulate your fellow players on their achievements void of selfish desires. It is not weakness that you show and it is not nothing that you give. You would be surprised at what you could receive in return. :)

This is really thoughtful.

16-Feb-2019 14:26:01



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more seriously, I'm not sure it's going to be quite as extreme as yo think. Then again, best time to see a whole bunch of Elder +5 and Bane +4 gear get removed from the game as people make ceremonial.

17-Feb-2019 17:56:58

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