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Realistically, 7 big updates not counting the RS3 Mobile and Game Jam announcements in just a quarter of a year are pretty good reveals.

If Jagex only showed us like 3 updates in a full year, and they tried to hide the petty reveals without even giving us a link for discussion, then I would have a troublesome feeling about the coming year. :)

08-Oct-2018 23:24:13



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Really excited about the upcoming mobile app as well as the smithing/mining upgrade. Mining has always been my favorite skill and with being able to afk it now I will enjoy it much more I think.

How do you foresee the prices of ores and bars being affected with the update though? Also what will the miners guild look like? Will there be any change to that or any change to the secret cavern in the miners guildthat requires dungeoneering to enter? Also, will the living rock caverns change at all?

With RS mobile, RS3 will be coming to mobile/ipad as well correct?

10-Oct-2018 06:26:27

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