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Fusion said:
Simple solution: Just one cape that you can continuously merge every cape (or cape slot item) with that you come across as you complete tasks, quests, get 99s, 120s and so on. That way the cape will progress just like our characters do, and everyone gets as good cape as they are entitled to based on the completed achievements, challenges, gained levels and so on. Get rid of the thousand different capes we have, free up some bank space, and make a simple system where you can gradually progress and add improvements to the cape over a long period of time. Similar to how toolbelt works, where you can add items and improvements to it over time, without having to hassle with changing capes all the time based on what you are doing. Even if you aren't a completionist already.

Still completionists get to keep the best cape, without making it feel like a "forced chore" for everyone to try to get it. Instead everyone can try to one up their cape, one cape at a time.

I like your idea, realize that not every one of my suggestions nor anyone else's in this thread are set in stone. However, I do believe there are permutations and options based on the ideas in this thread that would accomplish nearly everything most would desire for a comp cape rework :)

07-Feb-2019 03:49:14

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