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Absolutely loving the game right now, ever since I started to play Runescape in 2009 until now I've loved every second of it (Excluding RS3). Loving all the new content that keeps on being added into the game, it gives players new things to achieve and new places of interest to explore! Great job on bringing OSRS back in 2013 and the release of OSRS on mobile as over time it exceeded the RS3 playerbase by far! In general, an awesome idea to implement! There are obviously other things on OSRS that have been questioned about and that need changing but I'm sure in the near future most of that will be fixed. I cannot wait for further updates coming to OSRS!

A special thank you to all the mods that have been cracking down on destroying those horrible bots... I've not seen no where near as many as there were before at the start of OSRS...

I will say this, thank you and well done Jagex!
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18-Jan-2019 19:08:11

Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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I don't really agree with you on RS3 as a whole but I totally agree that OSRS is fantastic. I don't play OSRS that much as I don't have time to play it the way I've played RS3 but I still do enjoy playing it from time to time, especially around holiday events. I wish the RS3 dev team would take hints from the way the OSRS dev team works. I love RS3 far more but I have to admit that the OSRS dev team has kept the game updated in the old spirit of Jagex. I miss those days. ~ Jacob, Prince of the Kingdom of Heaven ~
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28-Jan-2019 02:10:01

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