idea for invention update.

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Fat Gecko
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Fat Gecko

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I was thinking you could update invention to be more like an... invention skill. where you can make more specific perks for weapons and armor. such as a perk that makes a weapon attack fasters a bow shoot further, an axe cut wood faster, so on and so forth, release updates once a year twice a year or what ever, where your release 5 new perks at a time don't tell people how to make them.also make it too where you can have five of any component in a single box. and make it a combo of components such as, 5 tensile, 2 flexible, 1 armadyl and 4 ascended components, to make a bow shoot further, make it more in depth. I think this one thing would make people come together more and talk because they would have to share the combo of components used to get that perk. it would also allow for only a certain amount of people to have one perk. maybe someone finds a combo of components that makes a perk no one knows about yet. he could share that said secret with who he chooses. making it a rare or cool thing.

14-May-2019 21:42:21

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