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Hey friends, it's that time of year again, again.

DXP is coming soon and you know what that means.

We will be designating 2 days for dungeoneering this time around. That way we hit teams for people that wanna knock it out first and people that wanna do it the last part of DXP.

Come join us on Friday the 22nd and Sunday the 24th for dungeoneering.

There will be a few hosts using cards so be sure to come join for the chance at them!

We do not charge for anything that happens in this chat, so please feel free to join or spread the word.

Looking forward to dg!
->DgRevolution<- is a friendly, all levels, teaching, Non-leech/buy/sell dungeoneering friends chat :)

12-Feb-2019 02:45:18

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Is this FC still active? It seems perfect and I'm really keen to have a go :) my target is an advanced gold accumulator/120 (seems like killing two birds with one stone kind of a situation.)

28-Mar-2019 13:04:16

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