Solak/ED Cheap Leeches

Quick find code: 194-195-198-66017238

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Kage Naruto
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Kage Naruto

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Let me start by saying i don't usually write these things,

after a week of searching and asking for a leech i couldn't find one, i did not mind the price but people were never on.

finally got off discord and went to rs formus and found this thread. with in the hour they took me and another leech an we were able to get a 12 min kill on our first attempt,

walked thru every phase , told us where to stand what abilities to use. The best part about it is that i did not come close to dying once it made me think solak's was one of the easiest bosses .

THANK YOU ally and her team, i finally got my comp cape !

10-Nov-2018 19:35:36

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This FC is great. They're friendly, patient, and clear in their directions. As long as you're able to follow simple steps and prepare as guided, I don't see how anyone could have a hard time getting the kill done with this team. Worth every penny, thanks again Ally and team.

25-Nov-2018 01:37:07

gods way out
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gods way out

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Highly recommend everyone to use this team. They guide you through the entire killing telling you when you should use the defensive abilities where you should stand what you are suppose to do. Well worth the money spent.

Thanks again everyone that was in the team i really appreciate it.

25-Nov-2018 20:18:46

B a i n y y
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B a i n y y

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100% recommend these guys if you are looking to get a solak kill... I've just returned after a long break and forgotten pretty much everything about rs3 yet they talked me through it like it was nothing. All call outs were clear and perfectly timed and it never felt rushed.

Again 100% recommend these for a solak kill, and thanks for the kill!
Stop staring... I'm going for Trim Comp / IFB

25-Nov-2018 23:42:56

Sim NJ
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Sim NJ

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I tried and failed many times to kill this boss with random teams.

The kill with this team was superb. A very calm kill with full instructions made for the easiest way to get my comp cape back and also enabled me to understand the mechanics far more.

I almost felt cheated that it was so easy due to the friendly guidance given.

Thanks again folks... 10/10 from me!:D

27-Nov-2018 20:49:46

Its Muffin
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Its Muffin

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Amazing group the kill was over before i knew it, the voice chat was really helpful giving clear instructions, partner that with a disgustingly cheap price aswell! Thanks guys! comp cape back on back thanks to them!

17-Jan-2019 15:07:53

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