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Pro Austin

Pro Austin

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Player Name: Pro Austin
• Role(s) : DPS/BASE
• Current KC: 1017
• Who can host?: Smiley+
• Code?: The Wedding is over
• Previous Bossing Exp: All, Raids, Rago, Nex, Aod, Telos, Rots, etc
• Do you have (Sup) Elite Void: yes

List Tier 80+ Weapons
• Melee: zgs scythe khop
• Ranged: sgb bbc asc
• Mage: sos prae set nox staff seismics

List Tier 80+ Armour
• Melee: torva/malev/tmw
• Ranged: pernix/sirenic/elite siren
• Mage: virtus/tect/elite tect

to add:

Ive been using this fc on and off since AOD release, based for 4 hours last night and helped make calls during what would normally be dead hours
Zer0 PvM
Boss School
Raid FC
Trimmed Btw
| 5.4 When??

24-Jan-2019 16:51:19

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