NexAod - Aod Mass Fc V1

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• Player Name: L1mp Noodle
• Role(s) : dps(can entangle)
• Current KC: 14
• Who can host?: smiley ranks+
• Code?: The Wedding is over
• Previous Bossing Exp: can do all other bosses. jnust havent been back long enough to do much AoD
• Do you have (Sup) Elite Void: Yes

List Tier 80+ Weapons
• Melee: scythe/Kopesh/zgs
• Ranged: Ascensions
• Mage: Staff of Sliske and dual seis

List Tier 80+ Armour
• Melee: Malevolant
• Ranged: Pernix with Sirenic helm
• Mage: Virtus with Sup Zuriels hood
Final Boss

22-Jan-2019 00:54:44

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