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Hey, i'm Vokarash, i'm currently in love with RoTs and am looking for a dedicated team to do RoTs with, i'm currently at 55 KC but have decent understanding of the boss, and rarely die unless unforeseen combos kill me, i have all T90s and a SGB, ascensions, mech chins all augmented T90 power armor, everything needed to do RoTs consistently, I am EST timezone if that matters. Discord is a plus for some laughs and making friends, please reply to this thread or message me in game! I look forward to it!!

30-Jan-2018 00:27:34

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hey you are all interested we do alot of rots as well got over 2k kills now, We also have a in house clan High bossing team that doing alot raiding on the weekends

If interested in that please add me on discord Serean#4239
Leader of Secluded Empire clan
Leader of Secluded Raiding team
Discord -Serean#4239
Reddit - u/Sereann

25-Jan-2019 10:53:33

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