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I Volcomsteve am posting this. The people that are in my friends chat did not post this. If you happen to come into the Friends chat, you are looking to talk to me. I am responsible for this thread. Asking anyone else in my fc for assistance won't provide you anything. cool?

Elite Dungeon 1 - I have 197 group kills.

Elite Dungeon 2 - I have 106 group kills.

We don't do rushes.

My fc is a pvm channel I can help you get through these dungeons if you'd like to.

Fc = Volcomsteve

Please understand that I operate a pvm channel and this isn't the only thing we do.

If I can and when I can - I try to do these dungeons as often as possible.
I am here to help Boss killers boss.

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Do NOT recommend, the owner of the FC is a fraud not a leader.
Has a terrible attitude when he doesn't get his way and calls his members useless and kicks them.
Coming from a beginner of high teir bosses, he didn't really give me much of a chance because I tried some other money method and shared my achievement with the group and he called me useless and kicked me.

Do not join unless you want to be insulted and sit there most of the day doing nothing.

24-Jan-2019 21:37:29

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