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Welcome to Free Leech - 100% free DG floors

To start, all you need to do is read the rules and follow them at all times, all leeches and hosts must know and understand these rules to participate.

Make sure to read every post on the first page, including the FAQ, not just the first post.

=== Rules for Leeching ===

1) Must be 90+ combat.

2) Must receive the 'leecher' title after every floor, which is received on a floor-by-floor basis and not an actual unlock. Refer to the FAQ.

3) Must know and understand how to do the emotes, levers, and portals puzzles, and be able to get back to base quickly. Must be able to end the dungeon quickly.

4) Stay in base at all times unless directed otherwise by the keyer(s).

5) Must always be ready to respond to instructions from the host. (NO AFKING). Only run from base if the host tells you - otherwise ALWAYS teleport.

6) You *cannot* contribute to the floor in any way (the ONLY exception to this is picking up the key at base). This includes providing the keyer(s) with information, like what doors are near base. Remember, the host is dungeoneering, not you.

7) Never offer to buy floors or provide any sort of compensation to hosts. This will get you removed from the fc.

8) Multiple kicks or complaints will result in a permanent ban from the FC.

==== Tips for Leeching ====

1) Turn off Auto Retaliate and Revolution.

2) Equip a bow with no arrows OR equip a staff with no selected spell, this will make it impossible to attack monsters. Remove your blood necklace if you have one.

3) Stand near the portal in the home room for quick teleporting.

4) Do not take items off the starting table as the keyer(s) may require them.

5) Do not bind items.

6) Leeches using NXT should be aware of a recent bug where the end ladder often does not appear when the boss dies. This can be fixed by quickly running to the other side of the room and back, ideally using the Surge ability.

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==== Rules for the FC ====

1) Do not talk in the FC at all unless hosting a floor (Example: ab2+3), or joining a floor (Example: In).
Note that saying "In" is optional and is primarily used to let the host know that there is someone interested in joining. It does not mean you are reserving the spot.

2) All floors hosted are large 5:5 c6. We do not host c1s, item hunts, smalls, or mediums.

3) Do not ask for the world. Open the friends chat menu, right click the host's name, and select 'join'.

4) Do not attempt to moderate the chat unless you are ranked in the FC.

5) Do NOT ask for floors, when floors are being advertised, you will see hosts asking for leeches.

6) Do not PM hosts asking for floors.

7) Hosts are encouraged to advertise roughly every minute - wait for another call rather than asking if a host is full.

=== Rules for Hosts ===

1) Be polite to all leeches. Leeches make mistakes, flaming them for it is not acceptable. Leeches are people too.

2) PM a general about problem leeches; don’t spam the FC.

3) You may ragequit (rq) dungeons WITHIN MODERATION. Do not ragequit just because you got a bad boss or a bad room near the end of the dungeon.

4) You have the right to refuse service to anyone.

5) You are allowed to host without a rank. However, your total level must exceed 2300.

==== Ranking System ====

Captains (silver stars): This rank is given to those who actively host in the FC.

General (gold stars): This rank is given to trusted friends of the FC owner who are responsible for removing leechers from FC and moderating the FC.

There are no other ranks. Do not ask for ranks.

Single ranks are not representative of the FC in its entirety. They are bound to the rules explained this thread, and a failure to follow this rules indicates a failure on the rank's part, not on that of the FC.

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==== Questions ====

Q - Why must I be 90+ combat?

A - The reason for this is because floor difficulty is affected by the combat level of party members; hosts use this friends chat to compete for record times and 90 combat is used as the benchmark for difficulty.

Q - How do I keep the leecher title?

A - You obtain the leecher title by not gaining any experience, this includes attacking monsters or skilling in floor (Example: Making runes). DO NOT DO THESE. (See Tips for Leeching on how to avoid accidentally losing this title)

Q - Why can't we talk in FC?

A - This is to keep the chat clear so leeches can see when a floor is being hosted without the host needing to advertise several times. This may also distract the keyer(s), thereby resulting in time loss of the floor. Time matters.

Q - Why shouldn't I moderate in the FC, I just want to help?

A - A common cause of spam in the chat is when a person breaks a rule and multiple leeches tell the person to read the forum thread, thereby causing even more spam. Leave the moderating to moderators.

Q - How do I know when a floor is being advertised?

A - Floors are advertised in the following format: “theme + number of leeches needed.” For example: "Occ+3” means they’re doing an occult floor (f36-47), and require 3 leeches to begin the floor.

Q - What does the theme mean?

A - The themes are as follows: Frozen (Froz): Floors 1-11, Abandoned 1 (Ab1): Floors 12-17, Furnished (Furn): Floors 18-29, Abandoned 2 (A2, Ab2): Floors 30-35, Occult (Occ, O): Floors 36-47, Warped (Warp, W): Floors 48-60.

Q - What do "Any" and "Frafu" mean?

A - "Any" means the keyer is willing to do any theme that you (the leech) have open. "Frafu" means Frozen, Abandoned 1, and Furnished.

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Q - What instructions will the host give?

A - Hosts will use the following cues and commands during floors:
gt emotes, or gt levers (gtl), or gt portals, and gte (gt end) are your cues to use the portal. At levers hosts will say "33333" or "Pull" when you should pull your lever.

Q - How do I do levers?

A - The levers puzzle consists of 5 levers spread throughout the room which everyone must pull at the same time. There are always 2 levers close together in one of the corners, you must AVOID these 2 levers unless the other 3 levers are occupied. The host will say "pull" or "3" (they may also spam 3), which means you have to pull your lever.

Q - How do I do emotes?

A -The emotes puzzle involves 5 statues, each with their own pad which each player must stand on. You need only pay attention to the statue directly in front of you, and copy the emote it does. The emotes are fairly obvious; although some people will often confuse "Nod Head" with "Shake Head," Nod means the head shook up and down while shake means the head shook side to side.

Q - How do I do portals?

NOTE: This room only appears in warped floors and is a hard concept to explain and much easier one you've tried it. It is reccomended you try out warped floors for yourself to understand how portals work before you leech.

A - The host will always give you a simple code to follow.
Make sure you pay close attention to the compass on your minimap. The host will give you directions to follow using only letters, N = North, E = East, S = South, W = West. If the host says "N W E," that means from the beginning you will walk into the portal that is closest to the north point of the room, you'll end up in a new room and you will now choose the next direction (W) and walk into the portal closest to the West side of the room and then do the same for the next direction (E, East).

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Another way they will tell you the code is by using another letter from your compass and saying "Opps" (opposites) after it, an example of this would be the host saying "S Opps". This means go through the south door from the initial starting point and then the opposite of where you end up in the next room, (as an example, you end up on the west side of the new room, you will then walk into the east side of the new room) and continue going through the opposite portal and you will eventually reach the middle. Once in the middle, stand on an empty pad.

Q - I've read all the rules and the tips, but I don't know where to start

A - Join the FC and wait for someone to host a theme you wish to join. Find their name in the FC list, then right click and join their world. Wait patiently for an invite from the host. When in the floor, wait by the portal for the host to call you to teleport.

Q: Why do people host?

A: People host for a variety of different reasons, some enjoy the feeling of helping the leeches achieve their desired experience/token goal. Many do it simply to improve their dungeoneering ability, and of course some do it just for fun! The most common reason of all though is to compete for record times. These times can be found by typing "dg records" into your favourite search engine if you're interested.

Q: How many experience points/tokens per hour can I expect to obtain from using this service?

A: Experience varies greatly because there are many factors that come into play, what your Dungeoneering level is, which theme you are leeching as we host them all, how often the host ragequits, and the times of each floor also play a large part in this so there is no accurate answer that can be given

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Q - Why have I been asked to turn off XP share?

A - Hosts sometimes make decisions about the floor based on what XP they get for opening a door or completing a room. Having XP share turned on changes the XP they get for these actions. XP share will not affect your dungeoneering xp or tokens.

Q - How do I join a floor?

A - When you see a floor being advertised that you'd like to join, you can optionally say "in", after which you just have hop to the host's world through the FC's built in quickhop function. Unless their floor has already filled, they'll invite you.

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