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Elrina said:
The people of Edgeville held their breaths as the army of South Misthalin marched into the city, securing it once more. There was a certain air of apprehension in the air, as many did not know what would happen from here. Yes, they were free from the Kinshra's rule, but what did that mean?
For the time of their occupation, the Kinshra had brought prosperity and life back to the barony which bordered the inhospitable lands to the north. With their hosts gone, the economy would quickly begin to deteriorate, with the majority of the population's jobs disappearing. The war effort had called for a large demand of laborers which was gone almost overnight.

Even still, the people of the south began to celebrate that those in the north-west were reunited once again. People gathered in the streets of Lumbridge as Queen Elrina announced the news to them in a giddy impromptu speech. Misthalin was that much closer to being a united people once more.

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