The Praven Triumvirate

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A carrier owl made it's way off of a passing frigate and to whichever Praven it could find, it would have released a small parchment upon receiver. The letter would read such, in a fine and well written Common Tongue dialect:

"Unto the Pravens,

The Wade fellow was pierced, and walked away. This will be constant, I have no intention of stopping until my point has been made or we have managed to come to an agreement. Your group will continue to be plagued by myself and many other unnoticed followers of various groups. I push you to take heed when walking about any cities, you are no longer permitted the right to a safe feeling when out and about. You, no matter where you are, will always be watched. Even so in your own home at times. I do feel as though you would not believe this, so I will be taking the time to rest about your meeting hall (and others) and log your conversations for all of your allies, followers, and the general public to read from.

In the future we will discuss the means to end this plague, but for now you have no choice but to accept these happenings.

With many regrets,

------------------------------------------------------- Dimitri Voshan.
"Good maps make good plans."

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