An Asgarnian Announcement

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Salt Aren said:


To the People of Asgarnia,

I leave my entire family fortune, so that they may use it strictly to rebuild their ruined cities, towns, and eventually, their lives. It has been accumulated in the amount of several million ounces of gold. To assure this is done, architects, farmers, and builders across the world have been contracted and upon my death are to be paid for services rendered to the people. First the city of Falador is to be rebuilt of white, sound stone, to set an example for the entire world. The rest will eventually follow.

To the knight Jacob Delvar,

I leave the crown of my forefathers. You will one day wear that, and be proclaimed King of All Asgarnia. Treasure that responsibility. Respect the burden. It is heavier than it looks.

To my daughter Fiore Grey,

I leave my love, and respect. These are worth more than any other gifts I have to offer. May you find happiness in this life and the next.

To my enemies,

I leave a statue in Falador park. To tear it down you will have to tear down all that I represent within yourself. If you truly find me so detestable, perhaps one day you will. If you treasure humanity and respect others, however, perhaps you shall leave it where it stands.

Thus end my worldly possessions which are mine by right of God to give. My personal belongings I take with me into the next life. My sword, armor, sceptre and globus cruciger I earned. You must earn yours, as well. Let this Will be proclaimed across the entire world to let all know that Jane Grey left her worldly possessions to her beloved citizens. At last, I take my exit from the stage. I found Falador a city of ruins. I leave it to you of marble.


Lady Jane Grey

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A New Asgarnia

As shown above in the last Will and Testimony of Jane Grey, my character Jacob Delvar has been named the new King of Asgarnia. It is not something I ever expected to be offered but I hope that I will be able to show that Salt Aren's faith in me was not misplaced.

The first part of my plan for Asgarnia will involve some restructuring. Falador and its surrounding lands will be reunited with the rest of Asgarnia that is currently occupied by Imperial forces as a new vassal state of the Kandar Empire. In addition to Dan acting as Duke of Lassaria, I will be looking to appoint Dukes of Sarimia and Burthope to rule over those respective regions.

I have been told by several roleplayers that Falador used to be far more active than it currently is, that it was one of the main hubs of RP on W42. This is something that I aim to restore by working with several groups such as the White Knights and Ridaku's rising sun group as well as by just actively RPing there personally, making myself available to anyone who wishes to discuss something with the King.

Finally I am considering (only considering at this stage) running a plotline based on the current occupation of northern Asgarnia by goblin forces. As suggested by Dan this would take place not as pitched battles (at least at first) but smaller, more quest like tasks aimed at weakening their grip on the region within the context of the story.

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The Coronation

This event is to be held in Falador Castle on Sunday the 4th of November at 4PM EST. Everyone is welcome to attend the event but the following specific invites would be sent out:

- The Royal Family of the Kandar Empire
- The Royal Family of Misthalin
- The Leaders of the Kharidian Desert
- The Leaders of the Island of Karamja
- The Chieftain of the Fremennik Provinces
- The Lord of Khazard
- The Archmage of the Wizards Tower
-Known adventurers (The Quest Collective)

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Juaquin Cash
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KDF-Serov said:



"If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed."

"He was indeed my enemy. But, in time, I named him 'Ally'. Even 'Friend'."

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Lord Pyro I
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What the hell is this?

Someone please tell me Asgarnia wasn't given to one of gale's lackeys.
"The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

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