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Marshal Jor said:
so how do i join this fabulous RP then? (and that's not sarcasm :) )

We are still constructing the thread so more info will be on it as time goes on. But quite simply just find us and rp. We are trying to do a lot less planning rp ooc and doing a lot more actually rping ic.

19-Sep-2019 21:17:52

Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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Hey guys

So as previously discussed I would like to involve this group in the "Drums of War" plotline.
More specifically I would like to set up an event between our two groups in which the cult attempts a "false flag" attack by using captured soldiers from Zamorak's Union to launch a raid against Menaphos.

My initial vision for this is that the attack will be undertaken by predominantly undead and drone (animated suits of armour) that are able to walk out of the water onto the beach by the workers district. However I welcome your input on what you are and are not willing to accept within this event.

If you are still willing to see this event take place please post or speak to me in game or via discord with dates and times as well as with any concerns about the event that you may have.

Lord Pyro
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09-Oct-2019 18:15:44

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