The Caliphate of Kharidia

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Kandarin Stu

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Wizard Ovi said:
Character Application
Name: Nirvana Syvian
Age: Middle-aged
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Religion: The Pantheon
Occupation: Oracle and Seamstress

You what
We come here with no peaceful intent, but ready for battle, determined to avenge our wrongs and set our country free.

24-Jun-2019 11:45:22

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A letter bearing the personal seal of James Craven would find its way to the desk of the Caliph.

" Dear Caliph Tumuh Khalam-Dae,

I write to you to inquire on the establisment of a international business opportunity. In the coming days I will be sending the head of my trade and diplomacy, Jasper Smith, to discuss this proposition in more detail.


Overseer James Craven of Karamja "
It's just business.

25-Jun-2019 01:27:25

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