Any In game roleplaying ?

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Arkantos 7

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Hey! I am an old player, who frequently comes back for the summer to play runescape and I love roleplaying!! I was wondering if there are still any people who do this, any clans or groups that are willing to accept me! I would really appreciate it!

27-Jun-2018 02:05:28

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Roleplay is still alive on 42. From what it appears, you'll find Kandarin (led by a player named Vekon) and Varrock (led by a player named Dansplainer) to be major hubs for roleplay but there are groups in just about every region of Gielinor that still rp.

I also know that Bounty Hunter's United is looking for more recruits, and hold plots quite frequently.

Apart from that, I have a thread that helps new and returning players get caught up via filling you in on all recent events. (You can just scroll down until you see "highlighted events" the rest is a vast archive for each region)

I also like that name, it brings back fond memories.
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