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The Army of Camelot

Now reorganized and under the command of the Round Table, the Army of Camelot brought up reinforcements from their western border of the Grand Baxtorian Falls. With these soldiers marched the battle hardened Calderon armsmen whom had not only fought but won many battles.

In Valladica there was a stir of activity in both men and machine; House Calderon had not only donated men but artillery units. Many in the small town saw the arrival of mortars loaded with a variety of shells; cannon also with a variety of shell ranging from a heavy ball to grape shot.

Keep La Faye had been due a massive over-haul of its defenses for sometime, though they would be removed once the Bandosians had been pushed back. The heavily reinforced keep would now be home to four long-range land to sea mortars capable of reaching out and touching vessels as far as three to four thousand yards; three howitzers to reach out and touch closer targets and finally eight heavy-weight cannon armed with heavy, grape and chain shot.

From Camelot marched a column of soldiers flying the banner of House Calderon and with it came the Knights of the Round Table, mounted and prepared to engage the enemy force whenever necessary.

Mages throughout the land would be called up in heaves, primarily those familiar with both water and ice based magicks.

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