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WardenOfW42 said:
And catgirl vampyres are a thing too now?

No, only a small handful of people accept this, and that's the same group of people that have an undead dragon nestled atop their castle. As for more high fantasy bits, I suppose, but most people try to keep to the norm or "how things used to be". The two Asgarnias thing is a matter of who you yourself choose to acknowledge. People are still very picky and that's pretty evident by the fact that there's two Asgarnias because many don't want to acknowledge Ridaku's canon, yet some do.

WardenOfW42 said:

People disagree with the way Ridaku handles his RP canon, just like he might disagree with us, again, this is why there are two Asgarnias. It's unfortunate.

WardenOfW42 said:
#3 necromancy

Necromancy is still very much frowned upon, especially in a holy Saradomnist city. I believe it's not common knowledge ICly that Ridaku's character is a wight? But there's a whole different set of issues there anyways, needless to mention the probability of Saradomin allowing an undead dragon in Falador is very low.

WardenOfW42 said:
#4 ultimate catch up guide

I definitely agree with slapping Syn's thread with a sticky.

In the end, it's up to you who you choose to acknowledge in public RP, as messy as it may be. Mind that just because you choose to acknowledge one group over another, doesn't mean you can't go and RP with the group you don't acknowledge. Nowadays it's good to have a lot of RPs to go to when you're looking for RP, considering how small the community is.
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