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*On noticeboards in the main cities of Gielinor, sets of fliers, all identical, were giving out an advertisement*

Buying Creatures

Hello! My name is Bernard Seymour, retired Slayer and amateur collector, here to ask all you grand adventurers to save and preserve any medium to large creature you find, preferably exotic and powerful creatures. I require the beast is fresh and still has most, if not all, of its skin, teeth, eyes, claws, limbs, and anything else, I want a fully preserved beast. I fully allow the beast to be as mutilated as possible, as long as ALL pieces are delivered.

If you do so happen to catch the creature alive I will pay extra, though as stated I am also looking for freshly killed or well preserved bodies. When you have acquired the body of a creature, please leave a notice of the best location for my inspection and eventual purchase of the body. You may leave your name if you wish, but that is completely optional.

Bernard Seymour

*The rest of the flier is filled with empty boxes, the tops of which were labeled left to right as such*
Name | Creature | Size | Alive or Dead | Location to Meet | Special info

(( Basically any creatures that has been killed through roleplay. ))

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