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Character Name: Jenkä (Jenna) Wilkska
Username: Lady Thalia
Age: 182
Race: Werewolf
Occupation: Lone Wolf Hunter seeking to join the Pack
Appearance: Grey Fur, lithe, skinny features and signs of malnutrition. Hernhumanoid form is equally unhealthily skinny and blonde. Her brown eyes have a hungry look to them, the sign of a desperate woman.

Background: Raised by her parents until age 100, where her mother died of infection from bad meat. Her father died a rebel against the Vampyres re-encroaching on territory, with the Vampyres opting to systematically kill her remaining siblings and pack who took up the cause.

Living the past three months off snails and skinny, hungry adventurers has left Jenka desperate enough to swallow her pride and join a new pack, no matter what they demand of her.
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Jenka Wilkska/Lady Thalia/182/Hunter

12-Dec-2016 00:33:49

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Sodden Hound said:
[5:05:47 PM] Drakor the Jingin' Jolly Bitch: Also yeah, welcome aboard, Nat. ^w^

Yes, Nat, welcome aboard. Though I'd prefer you didn't post my Skype on the forums.
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