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10-Jan-2017 15:50:35

Nasty Smell

Nasty Smell

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Spartae said:
Call me a grumpy old man or someone out of touch with the community

Being an apologist for someone who outright said that they want 42 deleted is a questionable approach, although with how your tenure as a Fmod went, I'm starting to think that you align with the principle. It's like saying a bully just wants to inspire positive chain in those whom they target. Reading through the rest of this thread has just made me wonder why so many people are in uproar because of a sticky nobody's really bothered to fucking read anyway.

It's downright childish, but I suppose childish is what we do best when playing pretend.

PS: Whilst my first post on this bad boy may have seemed to state otherwise, I think that RiDaku is much more qualified to run the thread than Faeyrin was.

PPS: Why have so many people fallen to the bait anyway lol
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Wizered said:
Man, people are really getting their panties in a knot over a thread noone uses.

as well as community that could hardly be considered a community, seeing as how fractured it actually is.
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10-Jan-2017 23:35:24

heretic hary
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heretic hary

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RiDaku said:
RiDaku said:
How do you roleplay?

I've updated this. I'm not sure about my rewrite, I feel I should do it again but focus more on detailing the 3 styles of roleplay, but I can't decide. Any inputs?

When Faeyrin decided to include the three styles, it did make the guide longer or at least force less detail per style. However, it was at a time when trying to normalize the two less common styles and mend rifts related to it wasn't a bad thing, even if there was an outcry over it.

If you look around and can find enough players using the two less used, by all means keep them there. If you find only one or two clans using what could be considered the alternate styles, it would be understandable for you to reduce the space used in talking about them or, if they were simply extinct, not include them at all.

Personally, I'd focus on the most used style that players who interact with the forums will use, and give the other two one post each, featuring them as alternate styles of roleplay if someone feels that the main version doesn't quite catch their fancy.

11-Jan-2017 14:11:39

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Okay, so.. Bumping this for actual reasons and not just for lul gravebump.

I've finished my edits on the guide thread. And by that I mean, I have gone over them time and time again, over the past few months, and tried to find things that I personally don't think should be up there/should be changed. And as you can tell by the "last updated" things, I haven't found much. So more than a few months in to hosting the guide, I am more than ready to say that I've finished my work on it.

I'd like anybody who's interested to read it over, and post here what they think should be changed. Quote the post (snip all the content, obviously, except what you want to highlight. If it's the whole post, just snip the whole post and leave the link-quote there) and leave your thoughts on it, what should be added, what should be removed. Let's start really revamping this bad boy. If enough changes are made, and the guide needs more/less posts, I may make a new thread to compensate it.
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27-Apr-2017 09:34:10

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