Where are the RP hotspots?

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There are no hotspots per-se anymore, except maybe Falador, and even then, rarely. I recommend joining one of the groups, such as a POK if you want consistent roleplay.

And sadly, F2P rp is pretty much dead.
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If by "free player" you mean non-membership, then the Role-Playing world for non-mems is 41. Though I've not seen much in the way of RP around there recently.

If I were you I'd invest a bit into membership if you don't already have it and then you'll have a relatively(relative to 41) larger community to find something you like. In any case, no matter whether you decide to stick to non-mem or not your best bet would be to find a group to Role-Play with as freelance isn't nearly as readily available as it used to be.

Feel free to hit me up in-game if you've got any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.
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They're more like lukewarm spots now. ¸¤·.¸.·¤´˜¨Live and let Die¨˜´¤·.¸.·¤¸

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