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The Big Dumb

The Big Dumb

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† Character Application †
Name: Cal
Race: Human
Age: 18
Class: Magister/Recruit
Rank: Inquisitor Recruit
Religion: None, specifically.
Appearance: Stands at an even six-foot with short-mid length blonde hair and an athletic-muscled frame. Blue eyes, facial structure of your average young adult male. Relatively flawless skin/complexion; he definitely looks as though he's never seen battle or other hardships.
Biography: Cal lived most of his childhood up until he was thirteen in an orphanage, never knowing his biological mother or father until he one day found a note detailing his heritage. After seeking out his father and learning about backstory things, he went to study at the Wizard's Tower up to the age of eighteen, when he dropped out and returned to Varrock to live with his family. Some months later after experiencing some defining moments, he decided -at what would be present day- to search for a purpose in the totally superior land of Kandarin. From there, I guess he somehow joined up with the Inquisition as a recruit. *Shrug*

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Luneth Zolan

Luneth Zolan

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Name: Luneth Zolan

Race: Human

Age: 26

Class: Inquisitor recruit

Rank: N/a

Religion: None in particular - knows the gods exist, but basically ignores them. He doesn't hold contempt for the gods in general - he just doesn't care that they exist, because they're not interfering or helping him in particular.

Appearance: Fair-skinned, dirty-blond haired Luneth stands just a fraction of an inch below 6 feet, with rippling muscles visible clearly under his street clothes, when not in armor. He has a strong jaw, broad shoulders and chest, and thick calves that betrays just how much time he spends building his body. He is relatively unmarred by scars or injuries, his sole scar being a (magic-born, if detectable) burn on his left shoulder - a dark strip of skin that starts at the tip of his shoulder/forearm, and ends tapering on his wrist.

His eyes are a sea-foam green colour - an unusual hue that would also speak of magic.

Biography: (coming)


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Luneth Zolan

Luneth Zolan

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Luneth was born to a pauper to a pawn in Port Sarim - a serving girl to a magister what oversaw a shipping operation there. His existence threatened the magister's reputation, who, upon learning of the newborn, plotted to have him killed - however, the mother, seeking to save the life of her baby boy, sought a sanctuary for him in nearby Draynor. She found a mage, whom practiced magic to the benefit of other around her, and left the child with her, hoping he would be taken in. (Spoiler alert: he was.)

Fast forward to the age of 15, where the boy-turning-man was terribly eager to join the military efforts in Misthalin. He gained a lot of military experience over the next decade, culminating in a certain amount of land being given to him outside of Varrock, a lordship of his own. However, his foster mother sent for his aid soon afterwards, and he traveled down to answer her call. When he arrived, a dark magi was dueling with his foster mother - he was too late. He burst in to witness his foster mother's final moments, before she was burnt by the dark mage. In his full armor, without thinking, he reached out to grab the mage's arm just as the mage cast the fatal spell at his mother - he bore through the intense pain and burning and drove a dagger through the mages heart, killing the dark mage. However, his armor had also acted as a sort of focal point for the flames - the small hut he had grown up in, was engulfed in flames, and his mother perished in the ruins, as he couldn't save her.

This event changed Luneth, and over the next year, he left his estate, hearing of an effort against evil of all natures, and he pledged his sword to the cause.


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Also, everyone -- please start using my FC (Kepesk) along with the Kandarin 42 CC to coordinate role-plays. The FC may be used to GM actions. ^_^

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Salt Aren
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Salt Aren

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This particular letter was sent out to no individual in particular, yet somehow managed to find its way to the palatial grounds of Sunlit Hall. Maybe the address had been printed wrong, or perhaps the intended recipients were more elusive than normal letter readers. If opened, however...

To the Imperial Kandar Inquisition,

There have been rumors of your reform circulating among the clergy here in Asgarnia. Should it be true, we the Abbey of St. Edward Aren-Grey do hereby rejoice at such news, and warmly invite you to the Isle Entrana to celebrate Mass in our Lord Saradomin's name. We look forward to your attendance, and we thank the heavenly consortium of our Lord and His Angels that you have returned to bring His light to the dark land that the earth has become.


Jordan Whittaker, Head Abbess, The Abbey of St. Edward Aren-Grey
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Imperial Inquisition
´ ¸,‹•^*°ˆ´¨ ¸.

From the journal of High Inquisitor Jerome Ab'dul Blakquisitore, second-in-command.

Duneday, 7th Pentember.
First Entry

The new recruits are finding it difficult to cope with the terrors of this field. It is like they hadn't known what they were signing up for. It is hard to prepare young men and women to combat nightmares, yet the success of this organization relies on the strength of one's own will. Courage. Fearlessness. I wish these intangible components of willpower could be bottled up and sold- I would surely drain the treasury for imbuing all of our ranks with these gifts.

Twiblick, 10th Pentember.
Second Entry

Another hive has been snuffed out. I am the team was able to handle this without casualties, even if the necromancer responsible was not captured. Their forces still build; I have identified yet another sorcerer of darkness. Olvan, he is called. Manipulates the forces of life and death, but also has shadow magicks in his arsenal. Too dangerous to approach directly. His skill suggests he is something not human. Some sort of chthonian, perhaps. Or worse, a mahjarrat, but that is unlikely. He takes great interest in the elder tree near the divine energy well. The two may be connected.

Gullday, 15th Pentember.
Third Entry

I was wrong. The scouts have reported a sighting of a battle - two forces of undead creatures. The scouts.. Well, at least the ones that returned alive, mention seeing Olvan himself at the command of one side of the battle. Along with a wolf-skull crest on his clothing. An image I keep seeing. I will have to report this to the Emperor himself.

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


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