The Grand Emergence

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Rexost said:
Rend Sul'damane tapped his pen against his desk, looking down at the blank letter in front of him. He wanted to send something out to his Damane, to inform them of the troubling news he had heard. There was a woman, some former student of Terrova, who wished to see the Domain herself. She was looking for the Adventurer, or "World Guardian", for help in this. Rend stood up, walking over to the window of his chambers. It showed the expanse of the Domain, built into the stone sides of the original Tutorial Island. Clownfish and squid flowed by his windows, and he gave a thin smile.

This would all be changing soon. He knew it. The Deep Lords were in a panic over it all.

But Rend stood firm, he knew his place.

He'd stand sentinal over the Domain, as he had for years now, and await the return of the Adventurer. They would be welcomed with open arms.

Rend turned back to his desk. He had a letter to write.

1) Are we giving this "world guardian" a norkel?
2) I think this calls for an event.
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