The Kingdom of Keldagrim

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John McAfee

John McAfee

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Character Application

Dimitri V/Zoltan Kinesmith/Shoemaker/EST

Username: Dimitri V
Character Name: Zoltan Kinesmith
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male.
Occupation: Guard and Cobbler/Shoemaker
Personality: Hopeful and stoic.
Appearence: A stocky looking dwarf that stands at about 4'4" with Medium/Dark brown hair and a thick long beard.
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28-Jul-2017 22:43:20

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KDF-Juan/Holgath Marblefoot/Blackguard/EST

Username: KDF-Juan
Character Name: Holgath Oakfury
Race: Dwarf
Sex: Male
Occupation: Blackguard
Personality: Stern and Stubborn
Appearence: Stands at about 4'5 with a muscular build with a long black beard with signs of greying towards the top.
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28-Jul-2017 23:46:55

Vekon II
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Vekon II

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To His Majesty, King Dain I Ironhand,

King Baldwin of Anglia formally extends his hand to you and your Household to travel to Burthorpe to meet and dine with the Grey Household. Burthorpe and the Clans of Keldagrim have long standing relations and a mutual enemy in the trolls of the Mountains. A relationship His Majesty is deeply invested in seeing continued.

We await you with open arms,
Secretary to the King,
Oswyn de'Moreau
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31-Jul-2017 17:23:17

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