The Huntsmen For Hire!

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This is an IG roleplay event. The purpose of this thread is to take care of your IG monster problems]

All through the towns between Varrock and Ardougne would be fliers posted in every Tavern and Bank. These fliers would be well-written, with attention to detail added, something like calligraphy would they be written in. The fliers would each have a black ink symbol of an oaken tree at the very top center.

Greetings from The Huntsmen to you!

Do you find yourself plagued with monsters you cannot seem to handle? Fret no longer! Should you have need of The Huntsmen, send a courier to Varrock or Ardougne, where two of our headquarters are. We shall make our way to you, posthaste, and rid you of your ailments!

Worried you cannot afford us? Do not. We shall work at whatever price is convenient to you, be it a home cooked meal for our guild or a trove of gold.

We look forward to serving you.

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