A Guide to Vampyres

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On the subject of foresight, I have a bit of a theory. I rather assume that this can/will work seeing as vyres are pretty much breaching the person'a mind when they use foresight @ them. (@ instead of on seeing as in most cases they have no choice in the matter.)

On to my theory: Wards.
-Pros: Quite effective, it could cut down the amount of time that vyres have to react, or depending on strength completely remove the ability from the table.

-Cons: The possibility of somebody actually being able to achieve one, or find a mage that is capable and willing of producing one that would be in the form of a 'charm' that wluld not require constant casting is highly unlikely. (Though not impossible!)
That's my thoughts. I apologise for any mistypes, Was on my phone when I typed this up.

"Good maps make good plans."

23-Oct-2014 15:48:41

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