The Kingdom of Miscellania

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Miscellania

Reigning Monarch: Queen Amelia Regina Whitevale, I

The Kingdom of Miscellania is a public, player-owned kingdom role-playing group centered on the Island of Miscellania. A culture of performance, charm and extravagance, the citizens of Miscellania are a jovial and beloved people.

Wide, vast and confident, the realm of Miscellania commands the Northern end of Gielinor, above the Kingdom of Kandarin.

Notable holds of Miscellania:
• Etceteria
• Rellekka
• Neitznot
• Jazitso

Basic Information

Roleplay Type: Plot and Freelance, Public, Player-owned City
Homeworld: W42
Out of Character Leader(s): Glaiceon
In Character Leader(s): Her Grace, Amelia Regina Whitevale, Queen of Miscellania & the Fremennik Isles.
Clan Chat: Pending

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