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Name: Dimitri V
Character name: Serov Ryskäl.
Age: 54.
Role: Fence.
Religious Views: None.
Race: Human.
Personality: Generally outgoing, as any salesman should be.
Appearance: 6' flat, relatively built for his age, graying hair, and a thick beard.
History: Born in the Fremennik isles, rose through the current military regime's ranks rather quickly due to his tactical prowess, later acted as General of the Karamjan Defense Forces, then served under a handful of other high ranking military leaders and Kings as a military advisor and tactician, and recently leading a private military contracting group for extra-curricular activities. Serov has many contacts due to his lengthy past, making him a superb fence.
Other Information: Nothing I can think of.
"Good maps make good plans."

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