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• Character: Crames Javen.

Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Appearance: Crames is a bit up there in age. Grey hair, stands at about 5'10", missing his right index finger.
Personality: Doesn't talk much, when he does it's usually muttering and the occasional shout.
History: He lived in an estate on Karamja for sometime as a stock-herder. One day he got lost in the jungle, then went for a swim and was dragged aboard a fishing trawler that had thought he was a man overboard from another ship. As he didn't talk much the sailors of that trawler were unsure of what to do with him so they dropped him off at their home port in Catherby where he wandered until he found his way to this new company.
Other: He may or may not be the unspoken brother of James Craven of Karamja.
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