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Founded in early Sixth Age by Aaron Valedyne, A.J. Valedyne & Cendric Aldridge - Cheeky Bandos is a popular new restaurant that caters to many of all customers.

What is Cheeky Bandos?

"When you're out with the lads and you're having a look in Thessalia's and you might fancy the Spicy Stew Club at the Blue Moon but then your mate Beau who's an absolute ledge and the Archbishop of Bantador says 'Oi brevs let's have a cheeky Bandos instead' and you'll think "Top. Let's smash it." ~ Anna Renderra

"When you are out with a group of mates on the razz getting ****ered and are hank marving and you say to your mate, appropriately dressed in your dragon plate body and leather chaps, 'let's go to Rising Sun and have some soup. Tranna, who is a proper ledge is like 'oi lads I've got mulla left on my Cheeky Bandos gift card I got for Wintumber' and the banter train is at full steam ahead they have a cheeky Bandos." ~ Prince Arkham

Our prime dishes include Aviansie Wraps and Airut Burgers (it's all chicken really but shhh).
So come along and enjoy it for a bit of cheeky banter!
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I'm ashamed because I'm American and I know what this means.
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" Top lets smash it. "

exactly how it happened ;)))))))

I just noticed Tranna and now I hate you again jim stop stopppp please
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