The Republic of Burthorpe

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Pesky Goblin

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A shame that the extreme few people involved were highly uninformed, for most of the construction and armor and weapons the Republic bore came from Jekyll's own pocket, as before he took up power in Burthorpe he was alright vastly rich. Most of the coin gained during his banditry days but the citizens wouldn't know that ;). Due to his own personal pocket being drained for the Republic's sake, it was still financially sound, and far better off than Asgarnia. As they gathered in the streets the more intelligent citizens shouted insults at them as they rioted for practically no reason.

"Simmer tha fu'k down ye cretins! Aint nothin' wrong wit' wot we got aye!"

"We've been safe from all tha' Asgarnian wars 'ere till they got a wee power hungry ye mutts!"

The tiny group was bombarded with such things, occasionally having rocks and rotten fruit thrown at them until the Burthorpe Vanguard patrols gathered around the point of interest

"Lay down your arms and return to thy homes else yee will be detained!" They pleaded. A final chance to stand down before action had to be taken.

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25-Jul-2016 23:52:08

Artyom H

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GreytBritain said:
I agree with Shrap. Ya'll keep printing your propaganda. I'm sharpening swords. I hope Jekyll remembers how to be a bandit.

Sorry, no special snowflakes allowed this time around.

Time to rustle some jimmies yet again.

26-Jul-2016 04:10:41

I Castigo I

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The Western Front of Asgarnia began bustling with activity that cloudy morning in early Septober. Soldiers, guardsmen, engineers, pack animals, supply wagons, disassembled ballista and trebuchet components, siege weapons of every nature, all and more had come forth from the woods of Western Asgarnia and the Capital where they had been assembled in relative secrecy. Laborers of Asgarnia, under the protection of the Second Asgarnian Army, erected defensive barricades and earthworks beyond enemy range from which were mounted numerous 12 pound cannon, which then began firing iron ball at an angle over the walls of Taverthorpe and into the city of Burthorpe and the Port of Taverly.

Under the cover of this long range artillery fire, a battery of 12 howitzers capable of firing 12 pound explosive shells was established under the protection of the First Asgarnian Army. It began shelling the Port of Taverly from beyond enemy range of fire, launching projectiles over the walls and into the Port’s docking and infrastructure. The siege weapons of yore, the ballistae, counterweight trebuchet, onagers and so forth were assembled, though this would take more time and their range was not nearly as great as the advanced artillery which had begun to destroy Jekyll’s holdings.

In addition, Mages in both Asgarnian Armies began bombarding the Wall with earth and fire spells, concentrating most of their fire on the defensive towers and visible siege weapons of the enemy. To everyone scared of taking on the Asgarnian military back in Burthorpe Castle, it was clear; the siege and destruction of the Dictatorship of Taverthorpe had begun.

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Pesky Goblin
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Pesky Goblin

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Unlucky for the silly Asgarnians who somehow tried to set up a massive war camp unnoticed, the Republic was well equipped to deal with such. It was also not lacking scouts and a minor amount of perception enough to notice an army and siege equipment in motion. It's own long range artillery began to fire on them as they built, and return fire for the treeline they cowered behind if they didn't just pull back, ripping apart the trees and likely the Asgarnian's own artillery as it fired relentlessly from the protection of the walls. As for the mages, unless they were close to the wall, their spells did naught and they had merely wasted their time. If they got close enough to cast, they would meet death via a storm of arrows raining from the wall. Founder of the "Anti-Daniel" gang.

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