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A newspaper. Perhaps you find it lying on the floor. Or find one in a bar. The front cover shows a sketch of a figure, wearing a hood with nothing but eyes visible underneath.

The Limping Hound Newspaper
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Just recently, word was received that something horrible had happened in Mort'ton. Upon further investigation, though our anonymous reporters stayed far, far from the scene, the Vyrelord known as "The Nightmare Of Darkmeyer" (apparently reknowned within the walls of the Vampyric city for being utterly ruthless), was seen with several fellow vampyres in Mort'ton, systematically going into each and every house and killing the occupants, and taking their blood.

Apparently, just leaving it at that was not enough for this wicked vampyric nightmare, as after collecting the blood of the people into a large crucible, he and his men went around the town impaling bodies upon trees, and most unusually, using the blood along with magic to soak the silver of a sickle into the walls of the houses which had been raided.

The Nightmare's motivations are unknown, as is the implication of the sickle symbol. Mort'ton being a relatively quiet town, very few people were prepared, and the population has suffered a MASSIVE hit, both emotionally and physically.

A long while after the Nightmare left, several of our brave reporters went about clearing up the bodies and cremating them. Will the Vampyric menace know no bounds? Is this just the beginning of a purge of mankind?
Find out next issue!

The Limping Hound Newspaper
Bringing you swift information since last age!
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~Draven read this news almost stunned, that stunned face soon became a grin however as he gripped his sil*thril axe.~

This looks like a job for Draven and Aveline...
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Star would glare at the article in anger. This /idiot/. Blood was scarce, and humans were useful. This guy would not allowed to continue any further. She got up, and spread her wings. It seems that she would be paying a visit to the City of Vampyres.
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