How is balanced combat done?

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What Salt Aren says seems to be the most true. It just really depends on which person or which people you are roleplaying with. Petty out of character conflicts are often the reason you'll see people have become a bit less enthoused about fighting strangers instead of the people they've become accustomed to within their group. Mostly because each person/group has different ideas on what is 'balanced' in the end.

I did want to have another post on the intro thread that had something to say about controversies and compromises or w/e but I never got around doing that.

It made like mentions of RP-combat, character death/injury, power levels and some of the things said above, but I decided against including it because it wasn't quite how I wanted it to be. I might do something with the empty post and still include something to clarify some of the topics you mentioned. Might be handy.
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