How is balanced combat done?

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I think the main take-away from this is that fighting against complete strangers (especially if they're not fond of you ooc'ly) is just going to be a chore, a bore, or an irritating pain. There are several ways that fights can be fun, however.

Using a dice system. While this is something that world 42 as a whole does not do, and likely will never do, several smaller groups have tried it, and I can attest for the fact that it's had moderate success. Unfortunately, the majority of '42 is either uninterested or unwilling to invest in something like this. (It also comes with the problem that stats are a "my word against his" situation, and if someone says that they've got 18 in all stats and constantly roll natural 20' get the point.)

Having a neutral party of GM decide the results. Personally my favorite method of doing things. Having a neutral person deciding fairly which blows land and which don't can be handy. After all, the conflicts between people are often regarding conflicting logic, and using a single individual's logic is very handy. Of course, you have to be sure that they're trustworthy.

Establish a turn order. War's civilized these days, so why can't combat be too? One of the biggest irritations with RP combat can be people trying to "out-type" the person they're attempting to kill. So, the easy answer to this is establish a turn order, and make sure everyone in combat follows that turn order. If the other person is new to the idea of turn orders, let them go first. But this saves a huge amount of hassle.

Personally, I've had a bit of fun with combat in roleplays, but oftentimes only in groups of people that I know and trust - and that's the key to it. If you're fighting against someone you have out-of-character disagreements with, both of you are going to be unwilling to die, and things get dragged on way too far.

tl;dr: Balance is a courtesy, just do it with friends or nice-ish people.
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