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Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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To all the acknowledged rulers of Gielinor

The Kingdom of Misthalin is formally inviting you to attend the coronation of King James the Second. Together we can make this a turning point not just in the history of this Kingdom but for the whole we will build together.

Date: 09/03/2019
Time: 9PM Game time
Location: In front of Varrock Palace
"The greatest endeavors are achieved because of their selfless intent"

28-Feb-2019 19:57:43

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Character Name: Serkhet Zahra
Race: Human
Region/Group: Lives in Menaphos, though secretly worships Amascut.
The King of Egypt herself.
Looking for fun and interactive kingdom roleplay? Look no farther than Misthalin!

22-Sep-2019 22:55:37

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