The Kingdom of Kandarin

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Am RolePlay

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A King Without Banners
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Host: Steve and Steve

Date: June 3rd


Where: Northern Camelot, Rodholm

Who: Military personnel and brave citizens.

Synopsis: With the King of Camelot reportedly dead, the Kingsguard having sealed the castle and reports of desertion spreading throughout the military as a whole, the Kingdom was in a poor state. Rodholm went silent. The Thirteenth Legion had rebelled against Kandarin! Under the command of former General, now self proclaimed King, Jorvile the Thirteenth has seized Rodholm and a good chunk of Sinclair.. along with King Tommen's body.

CALLING: Military role-players, Knights, nobles and the average commoner that wants to stab things.

Remember, no Kandarin.

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Am RolePlay

Am RolePlay

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The King of the North Returns...

Heralds from across Kandarin were spurred into action that night with many of them being called to Camelot Keep. Fliers were printed, speeches were drawn up and all for one solemn event. An announcement.

There had been a great deal of controversy revolving around King Tommen's death. Many suspected the honorable Kingsguard, others his own family and some the nobles that sit 'round the table! Alas, it has finally been proven that none of those accusations will ever turn true.

King Tommen, very ill and weak, elected to consume a cadava potion to place himself in a deep sleep, to better heal his weakening body, though it was suspected that he may not awake. Which is when General Jorvile of the Thirteenth Legion struck. A small group of armsmen stormed the castle, murdered several Kingsguard and servants - all to capture the sleeping body of our King.

Today, my friends, our King has been rescued by forces of the Kingsguard and Home Guard.
He will return to Camelot in mere hours where he is expected to give a few words..

The forty year-old King stood there on the balcony over-looking the exterior court-yard,
his dark gaze bouncing off a few in the crowd. He had just been briefed on the Aren threat and others.. in a strong tone he produced:

"There is much work to be done, countrymen. Let us cleanse our borders of this Aren once and for all."

The King returned to his table, several nobles being called to court.

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