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The following letter should arrive at the current place of residence to the king of Kandarin by crow. It is carefully written in an easily readable, curving handwriting and sealed with the Aren 'A', as well as a small skull. The messenger Crow will remain, patiently, after delivering its message.

To His Majesty,
High King Axel Vekon I of Kandarin

In the interest of preventing a major loss of life in the kingdom,
I see it as my solemn responsibility to inform you that an Aspect
of the Lich known as Thorvald Souleater has been wilfully released
back unto the world in the Northern Reaches of Kandarin.

In order to prevent as much damage as possible from this foolish
act by Demyx Aren, I kindly suggest that you order a temporary
evacuation of as much of these areas as can reasonably be managed
until such time as the Aspect is once more defeated.

As tensions within the Aren family are currently high, I would also
like to recommend you to refrain from sending major military forces
to deal with the threat- for their safety's sake as well as ours. It is,
unfortunately, the Aren Family who has released this terror and
until such time as it turns out that we are incapable of dealing with it,
outside interference might well be more harmful than helpful.

Correspondence may be given to my Crow; it will find me. If you
do not find it necessary to return a message, tell the Crow. It will leave.

Morbidia Aren
My existence is debatable, but likely.

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The large palace doors swung open as the black crow fluttered forward, past the unmoving Vectori that lined the Sunlit Hall. The High King glanced up with a curious eye, as the bird dropped the letter onto his lap, before taking a perch on the Crimson Throne armrest. He was quick to peel away the seal.

"House Aren. This ought to be a fun read."

The High King spoke aloud to himself, or to the unmoving statues of dark armor and robes. The visage of relative indifference soon faded, distorted into one of pure irritation. His jaw clenched, and the note in his grasp soon fell prey to the white embers that crept from his fingertips. Anger. He lifted from the throne in a snap; each Vectori turned to attention.

"On me. We will find the source of this message."

He stepped forward quickly, clenching the charred remains of the letter in his fist. His body became aglow with white energy as he begun to teleport. The Vectori followed suit; their bodies enveloped with dark energy in contrast to Axel, but in unison they all warped forward onto Axel as he disapparated for his destination.

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


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The past few weeks has been annoying for Niomi Tarii. She has been trying to keep sober by attempting to make something of the empty room in the Tarii manor. Instead of organization and niceness she imagined, there are chests and wooden crates all over the room. She sighs as
She cracks open one chest in the center of the room and then-...

Well, that's what you're here for right?

/{EVENT}\ The Tarii Mysterii /{Event}\

WOT: Niomi Tarii, sister of Baron Pryderi Tarii, has gone missing and the last place she was looks like a chaotic mess!
New phone, -Who- Dis?: Whoever wants to investigate the disappearance of a noble sibling.
Host/GM: Me, The Gods, The Vincerton, WhateverothernameIcanthinkup.
Where: The Gods' POH in Taverly
When: TBA, will discus with the masses.
"We're the hearts for the heartless. Thoughts for the thoughtless. The lies for the Honest.
We're The Gods of the Godless!"

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Over a hundred Camelite armsmen were lost today after guerrilla warfare occurred around Aspecta Tower in Eastern Kandarin. After an approach of hundreds of undead forces commanded by one Lich, Demyx, Camelite forces were teleported in to fight off the hordes of undead. Sadly, the tower was destroyed in the process and only half the men made it home that day.

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General Gregory arranged for a small memorial at Fort Aegis for the fallen soldiers. Shortly after he rode to the Capital with a handful of mounted armsmen to meet with the High King.
It's just business.

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Am RolePlay

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The King of the North Returns...

Heralds from across Kandarin were spurred into action that night with many of them being called to Camelot Keep. Fliers were printed, speeches were drawn up and all for one solemn event. An announcement.

There had been a great deal of controversy revolving around King Tommen's death. Many suspected the honorable Kingsguard, others his own family and some the nobles that sit 'round the table! Alas, it has finally been proven that none of those accusations will ever turn true.

King Tommen, very ill and weak, elected to consume a cadava potion to place himself in a deep sleep, to better heal his weakening body, though it was suspected that he may not awake. Which is when General Jorvile of the Thirteenth Legion struck. A small group of armsmen stormed the castle, murdered several Kingsguard and servants - all to capture the sleeping body of our King.

Today, my friends, our King has been rescued by forces of the Kingsguard and Home Guard.
He will return to Camelot in mere hours where he is expected to give a few words..

The forty year-old King stood there on the balcony over-looking the exterior court-yard,
his dark gaze bouncing off a few in the crowd. He had just been briefed on the Aren threat and others.. in a strong tone he produced:

"There is much work to be done, countrymen. Let us cleanse our borders of this Aren once and for all."

The King returned to his table, several nobles being called to court.

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Unrest. The House Aren squabbles finally reached the bastion that is the city of Ardougne itself. Panic erupted on an odd scene; the Poison Arrow pub. Xel Praven found himself clashing with none other than a cocky Lord Demyx Aren. The two dueled furiously;
magic flew and weapons clashed, though the Lich's hubris would be his downfall. In mere moments the pub was descended on by a number of Vectori and none other than the High King himself.

It was a rare event for the "Archmage" Axel Vekon to display his prowess. The sounds of an angered thunderstorm shook the city as he clashed with the Lich, who soon realized the mistake of entering the city. After casting away his artifacts, the renowned blade Stormweaver plunged through his torso and brought ruin to his form. Briefly, the two sorcerers exchanged words before the Lich was turned to ash among white embers.
Though the High King knew that it wouldn't be their last encounter.

It was though an entirely new war had begun. The High King himself now involved,
and sought to take no side but his own.

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


14-Jun-2017 08:52:38

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"Let this be the first, and last time, I address this Aren in-fighting. You have instilled unrest within this Kingdom. You have intentionally involved this Kingdom in the squabbles of your House, and you have shattered the state of peace that our people worked so hard for. Each of you will be held responsible for every drop of Kandar blood that is spilled in this folly.

I will not point fingers. I will not pick sides. I will not play your games. Each of you that seeks to threaten the sanctity of this glorious Kingdom will be dealt with. Hear my words, House Aren.

Those that remain in allegiance with Demyx Aren: You will be hunted and killed. Consider yourselves banished from this realm.

Those who remain loyal to Kandarin: You have allowed this to spiral out of control.
Henceforth, you will do as requested by the crown in regards to this Aren War in order to bring it swiftly to an end.

Other Aren parties: Should you feel it necessary to further this chaos for your own personal gain, you will be considered enemies to the crown.

I will not be considered a Lion, nor Rat or Crow. I am the

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


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