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Rumor has it that, hanging around Falador, a man with bandages covering his face is offering work for heroes and mercenaries alike, with promises of glory and coin alike.

"For those with the strength to endure and the cunning to survive, I have work. Morytania, and Misthalin, is in danger, and those who would stand against the evils there number far too few. To ensure the safety of the nation, we need heroes. But also the cunning and sly, the thieves and pickpockets who can slip through crowds unseen."

"For those who have the skills, for those who need work, for those who can brave Morytania, tell them to seek me out, Misaldi Icau, within the walls of Falador. The Myreque needs all the help it can get."

Disclaimer: This is set in the present, in the 6th age. This is not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with the 5th-age Morytanian RP currently being run by Isaac Stark.
(Isaac's a cool guy and all, but this is separate from that)
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