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There's little I can really add that hasn't already been said. Yes, W42's decline was inevitable, and it's sad to have not only experienced such a decline, but still watch it from the sidelines as it inevitably collapses into rubble, not only due to us having chased away younger roleplayers to pass the torch on to, but due to the gradual decline of RS3 activity in general.

But despite this, the memories I made, and the people I met in W42 (and W31 for that matter, back in the day), will forever remain dear to me. Though I made numerous mistakes and was famed for prepubescent tantrums during my earlier days of Nourom leadership (Note: 12 year old girls do not always make good coven leaders), I'm so glad of the chance W42 roleplay gave me to meet so many wonderfully creative individuals. And to any individuals who I did chase away, gatekeep, or in any way offend, I apologise.

So, rather than add to the sorrow, may I just say thank you all for making my childhood and teenage years wonderful and helping to facilitate my digital-based escape from the horrors of reality. I hope that wherever you all are now, whether still roleplaying or not, that life is going well for you and continues to improve. Should Runescape roleplay perish, as it seems likely to do, I am at least content in the knowledge that when it was at it's height, regardless of its flaws, it made many wonderful memories which I'll treasure forever.

As someone who still dips in and out of roleplay from time to time (though more so in WoW than anywhere else of late), if you see me around, let me know, it would be lovely to roleplay with you all again.

All the best guys
Manere in Umbra

No, the Nourom are not returning.

14-May-2019 15:29:30

Xuk Sicarius
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Xuk Sicarius

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Dropping by to pay my respects, and acknowledge the people I recognize. Hope life is treating the veteran RP'ers well. I wrote the very first version of the Sicarius (pre-Matt), and was a roleplayer from about 2005-2010/2011. I just play casually in adulthood now while running a business with my partner IRL.

17-Oct-2019 01:58:39

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