The Daily Roleplay Initiative

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Today, the daily RP initiative begins!

Please check out the Monday location, and try to be there are one of the two (CST or GMT) established times if you want to grab some spur-of-the-moment rp!

I will not personally be in attendance - I have a 10 hour workday today that runs over both times due to some orientation business I have to both run and attend. So don't look for me - look for others in the selected city. I recommend starting in the town square if you aren't arriving with someone. ;)

19-Aug-2019 13:09:50

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01-Oct-2019 06:38:07

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guys guys guys! I have looked everywhere, to get in touch, with Rs to ask, can we have a swap shop? once a month to swap all the odds and ends that are clogging up my bank, and Diego's store, I have lots of arms legs bodies ie (shark, etheral, gollum Ect...) which cannot be traded bought, sold,plus weapons ie Karil's pistol's I have grown out of, why I cannot sell items no longer, of any use to me, why can't we swap them people can ask, what they are looking for,and prepared to swap Ect.... it is becoming a pain, how long will it be before Diego's wont take anymore of my junk? please guys look at this logically, have a swap shop once a month, have it as a travelling gypsy use your imagination come on guys.

21-Oct-2019 14:26:57

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