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In writing an essay, you must always approach a subject from a wide angle, then slowly work down your opening statement. Shaping it into the topic you will be talking about in the middle part. A good opening statement is thereforth paramount to the success of the essay. Or at the very least confuse them enough so you can sidestep in your topic.

Change is hard. Everyone knows change is hard. To leave our childhoods is always hard. And leaving a toxic relationship is nigh impossible for some.however, that is where change is good. Do you draw inspiration from old lore and use it for the future? Change it up. Been in a terribly toxic enviroment for years? Change. Do you keep losing friends, or have lost friends due to toxicity or drama. Change.

Change is hard. Change is needed. Change isnt impossible. I said five days ago that we could do nothing as we continue to watch toxcicity and drama rule every engagement we have with fellow w42ers. Change will prove me wrong. W42 can be saved if there is change. And i dont mean "lets replace this toxic figurehead with our friend toxic figurehead."

We need impactful change. If you want one too, then raise your voice. Even if there is only one voice who is willing to change, then that is one more voice in support of a better w42.

18-Mar-2019 23:40:09

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