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RiDaku said:
I owe a big, warm-hearted thank-you to Natalie Renderra

gonna stop you right there.

had you asked, or even just... idk, thanked me over dms rather than stick it in a place I'd only see if a friend who quit heard from a friend who hadn't about this, I'd think it was sincere, and not just a bit of choice pandering to whoever liked the hub or my plots or me (haha yeah right) and was still around.

I'm more than retired now. I think the last time I checked this forum was after someone blew up my dms for two hours to proofread their own retirement post. But then I heard about this.

I got nothing to do with this community anymore, but I honestly don't appreciate having my name flown around to grant legitimacy or authority (as little as my name had/has) to anything or anyone (much less a POK, which I've stated multiple times before my leave to be an unfit system for the type of roleplay I enjoyed, rooted in lore and story deep within the world, and not some Game of Thrones simulator political drama.)

tl;dr it's pretty insincere so just do everyone a favour and remove it

don't @ me, kthx

27-Nov-2018 07:23:23

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It's not insincere or illegitimate - I'm actually thanking you for the rp's and shit that fleshed Jeoffrey out as a character beyond just "guy that kills things". It's in no way meant to legitimize or pander to anybody. I know your stance on PoK's, I know your stance on this community, but the RP's we had and the stories that sourced from it had a big enough impact on the character that, with him being at the helm, I felt you at least deserved the shoutout for the enjoyable plots. I'm sorry that you don't like your name being up there, I'll take it down. If I knew that mentioning you even post-departure would be a problem, I'd never have done it in the first place. Sorry about that, Nat. The True Asgarnia -
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27-Nov-2018 07:28:43



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RiDaku said:
Unfortunately, no. Sorry. Memes aren't gonna become plots.

He's always played the Faladian militiamen, though. As far back as I can remember when Aldaren and Vile were meant to divide Falador.

Also, profiled. Misthalinian envoy potentially incoming this week. The King needs to meet new neighbors.
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27-Nov-2018 07:55:28

Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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Lord Pyro put the word out among all his contacts. With all his authority as both the Rightful King of Asgarnia and a Decorated Zamorakian War Hero. Despite the long years since his last rule Zamorak's Union had gone on protecting the people of Asgarnia throughout the reigns of lesser men, resolving or turning back all the threats to the Kingdom. The Airut, Gotworms, Void Pests and Mysterious diseases were among a few of the threats turned back. Shelter was provided when the Kinshra sought to burn the villages and insurgency was launched against Kandarin invaders and local tyrants alike.

Among the common folk, the middle class and even some of the lesser nobles, Lord Pyro was still their rightful King and their only true protector. Now he calls upon them to endorse this new King and to proclaim that the only way to remain free of Imperial influence was to rally under his banner. That infighting was the swiftest road back to slavery under the Kandar Empire.

Everywhere this story was heard many decided that this was not the right time to rebel. In the south where Pyro had the most support, many left the camp and did not return, in the Capital which had been freed many years ago from the dictatorship of an insane White Knight, few could be convinced to make a stand against the new King. Even within the ranks of the Kinshra there was considerable muttering, though Pyro made no request for any action here.


So basically I've been around, involved in Asgarnian matters longer than all of you. All the events referenced are real, Lord Pyro really has been actively acting as a protector for IC decades. Before anyone complains I should point out your characters are still free to do as they please, this simply undoes the majority of the powerplaying you've all been up to recently.

Kind Regards
Lord Pyro
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27-Nov-2018 22:17:27

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